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    發布日期:2021-08-06 來源:http://www.generiquefrance.com/
    1、剛進單位的新人。 拓展訓練講究團隊精神,提倡共享。對于剛到新單位的新人,特別是畢業生來說,有親和力的團隊能讓他們獲得自信,增強溝通協調能力。
    1. A newcomer to the unit. The development training pays attention to team spirit and advocates sharing. For newcomers to new units, especially graduates, a team with affinity can give them confidence and enhance their communication and coordination skills.
    2、團隊凝聚力缺失、情緒萎靡的員工。 時間長了,員工不免有惰性甚至私心,熱情慢慢消退。在一成不變的環境里,靠固有溝通方式很難解決這些問題。當員工看不到前途,感受不到團隊溫暖時,就會跳槽。此時,拓展訓練可在一定程度上加強溝通協調,改善員工態度。
    2. Employees who lack team cohesion and are depressed. Over a long period of time, employees inevitably have inertia and even selfishness, and their enthusiasm slowly subsides. In an unchanging environment, it is difficult to solve these problems by inherent communication. When employees can't see the future and feel the warmth of the team, they will change jobs. At this time, expansion training can strengthen communication and coordination to a certain extent and improve employees' attitude.
    3、企業組織變革時。 從職業心理健康的角度來分析,組織變革對員工而言是一個特殊而強大的刺激源,員工必然會產生不同尋常的應激反應,如若員工沒有足夠的能力應付如此強大的壓力,將會帶來一系列生理、心理、行為上的不適,進而影響正常的工作與生活,這樣的員工必將對組織變革的執行過程產生消極的影響。
    3. When the enterprise organization changes. From the perspective of occupational mental health, organizational change is a special and powerful stimulus for employees, and employees are bound to produce unusual stress reactions. If employees do not have enough ability to cope with such strong pressure, it will bring a series of physical, psychological and behavioral discomfort, which will affect their normal work and life, Such employees will have a negative impact on the implementation process of organizational change.
    4、思維陷入慣性的管理者。 拓展訓練設置了富有挑戰、激情并充滿趣味的任務,有助于調整思維僵化的管理者,甚至全面重建知識結構,使思維重新高速運轉,擦出新火花。
    4. Managers whose thinking falls into inertia. The expansion training has set challenging, passionate and interesting tasks, which help to adjust the managers with rigid thinking, and even comprehensively rebuild the knowledge structure, so as to make the thinking run again at high speed and spark new sparks.
    5、企業發生重大突發事件后。 重大突發事件是指突然發生,影響巨大,對員工生理和心理產生巨大沖擊的事件。突發事件的目擊者或者直接相關人員心理上產生了巨大沖擊,特別需要心理干預。此外,許多危機事件的影響一旦產生后,并不會立刻表現出來,特別在行動上看不出什么不同,但突發事件的畫面并因此會重復出現在員工腦海中,其隱性的負面影響也就開始形成。
    5. After major emergencies occur in the enterprise. Major emergencies refer to events that occur suddenly, have a great impact and have a great impact on employees' physiology and psychology. The witnesses of emergencies or directly related personnel have had a great psychological impact, especially in need of psychological intervention. In addition, once the impact of many crisis events occurs, they will not show immediately, especially in action. However, the picture of emergencies will reappear in the minds of employees, and its hidden negative impact will begin to form.
    According to international standards, job burnout includes three indicators: emotional exhaustion, cynicism and low sense of achievement. It is usually manifested as a state of feeling fatigue or frustration, which can be manifested as a variety of physiological and psychological symptoms. Job burnout arises from work, directly affects the state of work preparation, and then reacts on work, resulting in the deterioration of work state and the further deepening of job burnout.