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    發布日期:2021-07-19 來源:http://www.generiquefrance.com/
    Before taking part in outdoor development activities, we need to prepare some matters, so as to avoid some situations when taking part in outdoor development activities. The main thing is to prepare a pair of shoes when choosing to take part in outdoor development activities, which is convenient for activities. Now let's introduce some requirements for choosing outdoor development shoes.
    Nowadays, more and more companies need to arrange workers to the foundry company for on-site training. In addition to expanding the basic knowledge of training, the dispatched personnel also need to be prepared for work. Many teams after training, it is inevitable that there will be this or that small question, it is worth mentioning that the students question the shoes. It's been years of training in the field.
    Although there is no strenuous exercise in outdoor outward bound, it also requires students to take appropriate physical exercise. Some girls think that outward bound is like traditional practice, wearing high heels to practice, because shoes will affect practice later. Training can also play, outdoor activities, some companies can even choose to practice at the top of the mountain. So, choosing a good pair of shoes, outdoor training is very important.
    If the training intensity is not big, general sports shoes. But if the outdoor outward bound training course needs climbing or strenuous activities, choose the field of professional shoes. Sports casual shoes are mainly used for casual wear and non weight bearing sports. Choose your own shoes according to the intensity of the exercise. Don't let them drag you down.
    不能說你得到了你所付出的這句話是正確的,但在真 正的東西在電力領域鞋市場上,提供解決方案通常是價值的鞋,所以在購買鞋,不要期待花一點錢買好鞋。當然這也不是“不是的,而是乞求較貴的”,而是根據自己選擇的一雙鞋在高質量的領域里使用它。
    It can't be said that you get what you pay, but in the real thing, in the electric power field, in the shoe market, providing solutions is usually the value of shoes, so when buying shoes, don't expect to spend a little money to buy good shoes. Of course, it's not "no, it's begging for more expensive", but using it in high-quality fields according to a pair of shoes you choose.
    It's hard to avoid wading in the so-called running field. Marching shoes may be walking shoes, which makes your feet sweat for a long time. It's a very sad thing, which seriously affects the mood of passengers. So we choose waterproof function, sweat wicking outdoor shoes. Some shoes have all the functions, if you can take the initiative to adjust the microclimate steps.
    炎熱的天氣或行走很長時間,你的腳會出汗很多,鞋子排汗系統此刻工作,具有很強的透氣排汗功能,確保你的腳干爽舒 適。鞋的溫度控制系統可以保護腳不被潮濕和寒冷,保持溫暖和干燥。"
    In hot weather or walking for a long time, your feet will sweat a lot. The shoe sweat system works at the moment, with strong ventilation and sweat function, to ensure that your feet are dry and comfortable. The temperature control system of the shoes can protect the feet from moisture and cold and keep them warm and dry“